Our Pockets Offer Significant Competitive Advantages by increasing hold, feel, a
nd accuracy, without whip. Our objective is to reduce Thinking.
Which results in more Instinct. Which means more Glory.   

We offer a stringing service, and will string any head
you send us, available on the Pocket Page. Click
heads below to go to our Pocket Page.  
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    it's gratitude to our supporters.

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We offer a six-month
replacement warranty  on
all of our purchased
products. The warranty
covers breakage during
normal game play.  If  
you break a shaft or
head, contact us at:
and we'll arrange a
speedy replacement.
Domestic Shipping
is free on all items.
Orders usually ship
the same day via
USPS Priority or
First Class Mail.

The narrow channel of
the  Optimus7 is for
scoring and vacuuming
up ground balls.  
Our 30 inch
Titanium enhanced
7075 Alloy Shaft.  
The SP refers to
'Score Please?'
(best response to
trash talk)
A $12.00 surcharge is
automatically added
in the shopping cart.

The super stiff S7 is
for Defenders and
Middies who prefer
total domination.  
NCAA/X $45.00
Our Carbon
Composite shafts
flex adds to shot
speed.  Testing  
shows  that the
C7's also look
Defender's Sticks
"The Ultimate
Where Phenomenal is Normal
The Beastmaster7 is
a Ti-Scandium
infused 60" defensive
shaft that is one of the
Best in Lacrosse.

It's super light, and
super strong. 42"  
available for U-11.
Element7 Ti-Sc Shaft
Carbon7 Shaft
Thundershaft SP
Midfielder's Sticks

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"More Glory

The Sceptre7 head is
for ruling the Field
from end line to end
line. $45.00 unstrung.

The Ghost7, the
lightest head in
lax, is designed for
glory. $45.00
unstrung. NCAA/X.
Attackmen's Sticks
Beastmaster7 Shaft
New Tribe7 Logo T!
"Rule Your
The King
Ghost7 v Ghost7 in NCAA Final Four
It turns out that our Zebra Stripe heads serve as more effective camouflage than we planned or hoped. As
in highly effective.  Goalies do not like them.  Not at all.  

They have '
trouble seeing' the head. Which, for shooters, is a very good thing.  The good folk at the Royal
Society in Great Britain published an article that helps us understand why.

According to John A. Endler zebra stripe camouflage is a function of
"disruptive coloration."  Simply,  
'disruptively colored elements (stripes) distract attention and break up the body outline, making detection
"  (Thayer 1909; Cott 1940; Stevens & Cuthill 2006).

A study by Schaefer & Stobbe (2006) shows that the advantage of disruptive patterns is greater when
disruptive patterns have higher contrast. Disruptive coloration has also been proven effective regardless of
the background coloration,  'exploiting predators cognitive mechanisms of prey recognition."
Copyright © 2006 The Royal Society

Dr. Martin Stevens, a Zoologist at the University of Cambridge in Great Britain,  kindly took the time to
elaborate on the camouflage effect in a November 2, 2010  letter to Tribe7, stating that "the stripes also
make it difficult to judge speed, because the high contrast markings interfere with motion perception."

Competitive Bottom Line: our Zebra's heads' "disruptive coloration" is an
effective means of confusing the visual system,  serving to break up the head's
outline,  especially when moving at speed.   Once again...sorry Mr. Goalie.....  
What is Tribe7's Mission?

We did not like the idea that lax was becoming more like polo than soccer, cost wise, so we set
out to serve the community as it’s high performance equipment manager.  Providing  game
changing gear, at the fairest price.
 Our Mission is to prove that Tribe7 is You! So far, so good.
The Element7 is a
super light, super
strong Ti-Sc infused
Attack/Middie Shaft
designed to be the
Best in the Game.

There is a perfect
balance between
strength and weight,
and we nailed it!
10D Arrow

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At 42 inches long, 15 inches tall and 15 inches wide, you
can easily stuff all your stuff in the Stuffer7.
Tribe7 Bag: The Stuffer7