Pocket Shop
MFL Mesh
aka 'Mesh For Life'
'Lightest Weight Fiber Ever Made.'

  • Dyneema is 'up to 15 times
    stronger than quality steel.'

  • It's called Dyneema because it's
    atomic structure is nearly
    identical to that of a Diamond.

  • MFL Mesh  floats on water.  Like a
    duck, or a witch. But that's not the
    why we love it.

  • We love it because of it's uncanny
    hold.  1800 Fibers of

  • It will never bag out in the rain. It
    does not stretch. Period

  • It's ready to go right out of the
The MFL Hi-Ball Pocket is so
The hold is plain doofy. The
feel?  It's fires the ball
wants it The MFL Hi-Ball
Pocket is so to go.
Whip-free.  The High-Ball
pocket weighs only 24
grams, versus 75 g's for
regular mesh, and the
mesh is 100% waterproof.  
Faster shots, and better
check absorption too!
The MFL Arrow is a lock
and load pocket.  
Defensemen need to
make an appointment if
they want to get the ball
out of this thing. It has
better hold, better feel,
more accurate passing,
faster shots, better
check absorption, and is
100% waterproof.  Toss
a monsoon at it, it will
not change shape!  
Mesh is White-the Strings are
colored per your choice
"As soon as the ball hit the head, it
"It is like the best broken in mesh,
without it ever bagging out.”

"You should call it the "Hoover" it
sucks up all the shots."
Send us your head, any head, and
we will restring your pocket for
the way
you play.   We will send it
right back, optimized, for $32.50.
The New B-32 Face-Off Pocket!
Tribe7 Lacrosse
305 East 11th St. 4B
NY, NY, 10003
Tribe7 is at the forefront of the Pocket Revolution, developing
competitively superior pockets for all positions.  Better hold,
more accuracy, and lots more feel.  The more you feel, the less
you think.  And that's where the Glory is.
Custom Pocket Service
Mesh Only
Years of research, testing, and
brute force thinking have given
us the B-32 Pocket, the ideal
pocket for face-off athletes, as
perfected by the GregBeast32
himself.  It's highlighted by the
ball's easy exit, and a holding
shelf where the shooting
strings start.  
The Silk7 uses SpiderMesh, cuz
that's what Spider's spin, Silk.
And that's how smooth the
pocket is too, Silky Smooth.

SpiderMesh is the thinnest,
most responsive mesh in

Responsive as in Feedback,
The ball tells your brain what's
up.  Which reduces thinking.  
Which is huge!