All MFL Mesh is White.  The 'Color'
Choice is the String colors.
Please Note that Gloves are $40.00
when added to Complete Sticks.
"If I were real,
and played lax,
this is the stick
I would use"
Gandalf the Grey

'Agree, I totally

"I will be using it
in my next life"
The Highlander

"Who are you
Optimus Prime
We offer a six-month
replacement warranty  on
all of our purchased
products. The warranty
covers breakage during
normal game play.  If you
break a shaft or head,
contact us at:
and we'll arrange a
speedy replacement.
First Class and Priority
Mail=2-5 Day Delivery.
Shipping is free on all
items. Orders usually
ship within 24 hours.  
PayPal Option Available
in Shopping Cart
We Ship Anywhere, and
Everywhere.  Click Globe
for International Shipping
Rule The Field
From End-Line to End Line

"The Sceptre7 is
everything advertised.  
Stiff, light, smooth, and
Nasty with the MFL
Hi-Ball.  Best one yet!!!!"
Scot Haynes

It's Good to Be King!
Mel Brooks
100% Waterproof MFL Regular Pocket
The Sceptre7 is for
dominating face-offs at
Midfield, snapping shafts
on Defense, and firing up
hat-tricks on Attack.
Waterproof Hi-Ball Pocket
Flex: Very Stiff
Weight: 3.95 oz. Superlight
Durability: Super Strong
International: Please add the
$10.00 surcharge, below, to
your shopping bag.
Sceptre7 In Action!

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